Dedicated to create Wordpress Plugins

WP Config File Editor Plugin

Modify Wordpress wp-config.php file constants and values using Simple Web Form, it also allows for raw editing with inelegant backup feature so nothing can go wrong

Visual Shortcode - Community Plugin

Turns out post raw shortcode text into Visual clickable element. Displaying Simple Web Form when Shortcode element is clicked. Allow changing Shortcode attributes values through Simple Web Form

Advanced Visual Shortcode Plugin

Visual Shortcode Extension Plugin. Visual Shortcode Community Edition support only Text fields, you cannot use Checkbox, Select list or any other web form types when just using Visual Shortcode however Advanced Visual Shortcode Plugin is the way to define Shortcode attributes and to define how it would be displayed.

Visual Shortcode Framework (Developers)

Visual Shortcode has Wordpress MVC Framework implemented as part of it. This Framework can help Developers quickly create organized Wordpress Plugins. This Framework still in the test phase but its implementation is very promising and based on many years or experience writing Wordpress Plugins

  • CB Point team is dedicated to create WordPress Plugins
  • Provide both Community and Premium Plugins
  • Focusing on create high performance Plugins
  • Create Maintainable products
  • Creating WordPress Frameworks
  • All future Plugins would rely on the same Framework to raise up code reliability
  • Consider Server Resources (Memory, etc…)
  • We completely understand the concept of that WordPress Plugins must deffer their code load until it really should be involved
  • Security is one of our main consideration
  • All our Products would have Installed and Uninstaller to clean up Database
  • We keep everything clean to simplify editing the code by other developers
  • We already have Framework developed to give you reliable products that already have its Framework tested
  • We’ve high experienced creating WordPress Dashboards
  • Our Plugins would always be have full source code commented and organized
  • Organising Plugin Folders and files, name and extensions
  • Creating Extensible products
  • We respect Procedure code style but we never use it, all our code is completely 100% Object Oriented
  • Our Framework is developed for high performance Plugins that is always deffer loading code until it really needed
  • We using PHP Autoload and never REQUIRE files directly
  • We’ve multiple Framework and code style to meet your time and cost
  • We create Localization plugins