Advanced Visual Shortcode

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Advanced visual Shortcode Plugin Extension is a complimentary extension for Visual Shrotcode Plugin that provide many features to control how Visual Shortcode Plugin would display Shortcode Form. A List of features is currently under development, get them now for free before price raised up, the new features would be added in the next 2 months.


This Plugin is great for both WordPress Admins and For Web Designers Developers.


It will make Finding and Editing Shortcodes inside post content more easy, it will save your time searching for Shortcode between Post Content.


It would also help web developers create Web Forms for their clients instead of asking them to edit Shortcodes. You can also define how the Shortcode Form would looks like and the type of fields provide your client with more friendly Dashboard by bringing Web forms instead of raw text editing, clients would feel like their managing CMS Web site



Plugin Features


  • Text Field
  • Dropdown List
  • Multiple Selection list
  • Single Selection List
  • Checkbox list
  • Radio Options list
  • HTML5 Color Picker field
  • WordPress Color Picker field
  • Image field
  • Yes/No Field
  • True/False Field
  • On/Off Field
  • Zero/One field
  • Textarea field
  • Set Field defaut value
  • Define Shortcode (Tag, Title, Description)
  • Define Shortcode form (Name, Title)
  • Hierarchical forms




Validating Form Fields
Fields List
Field Types List
Edit Field
Create Root Form
Edit Form
Shortcode Bulk Actions
Shortcode Forms List



What is AVS Shortcodes definition?

Currently Shortcode definition is used to define Visual Shortcode Title and Description those used to be displayed on the Visual Element instead of the Shortcode tag. It also acts as a container/parent for Shortcode forms definitions


What is AVS Shortcode Root Form?

AVS Shortcode form is definition, typically consists of Title, Description and Fields definition that define how AVS Plugin would display Shortcode form. Its the root form that will get displayed every time Shortcode Visual Element is clicked.


What is AVS Shortcode Sub Form?

AVS Plugin is created to allow Shortcode Form to have child/sub form. Child form will show up when the field values combination of the  parent form equal the value defined when creating the Child form. This allow to have a second form to be displayed after submitting the first form.




AVS is currently have very simply documentation that just describe the basic units of the Plugin. We will enhance it by the time. Please point out to AVS Documents for more info

Special Offer

The list of the features below are currently in development. Price would be increased after adding them to AVS Plugin. Get them all for free by Purchasing License now. Those list would be done on the next 2 months
  • Export Shortcode Definition
  • Import Shortcode Definition
  • Change Shortcode Form look and Style
  • Insert Shortcode using Hot Keys
  • Insert Shortcode using HotKey
  • Drag and Drop Visual Shortcode inside Post Content
  • Insert Shortcodes using TinyMCE Button
  • Manually modify Shortcode attrs after it has been visualized
  • Automatically Visualize Post Shortcodes when post is open for edited
  • Ability to Hide Post Visualize Metabox
  • Visualize pages and any other Custom Post Types, not just Posts