Shortcodes is the basic record that define Shortcode basic attributes like Name, Tag, Title and Description. Those fields are to help AVS Plugin displaying your Shortcode Visual Element with helping text. Later in the next releases it would also be used to create TinyMCE Buttons list in Post Visual Editor, allowing users to insert Shortcode by clicking on the Button instead of writing them manually.


Shortcode definition is a good way to keep notes of what Shortcode you’ve in your website and what they do, it can be created by Developers as reference to Web Site Admin.


Its also the parent record for defining Shortcode Root Form. implicitly Root Form is part of Shortcode Definition, its a 1-1 relationship as every Shortcode must have at least one Form defined.


Even more it will be used to assign Hotkeys to Shortcode so it would inserted automatically into post when Clicking the Hot Key, this would be included in the next version!!



To create New Shortcode

  1. Open AVBS Shortcode -> Shortcodes Dashboard page
  2. Click “Add New” beside to Page Title “Shortcodes”
  3. Fill the form and click Save