Visual Shortcode – Community Edition

Change Post Shortcode attributes using Simple Web Form.


The Plugin Add Post Metabox section from which Author converts Text Shortcodes into Visual HTML Clickable elements — that when clicked would display Simple Web Form with all Shortcode’s Attributes value set, form fields/attributes values can be changed and form submitted. The result is changing all Shortcode exists attributes values and generate them automatically through Simple Web Form.


Please note that all form fields would be simple Text field, you cannot use any other type of fields when using Visual Shortcode Plugin. Visual Shortcode is also retstricted to work with Posts only, you cannot Visualize Pages or any custom post types when using Visual Shortcode Plugin. However, you can customize the form the way you like and define the Type of the field yourself and you can use it with all Post Types by using Advanced Visual Shortcode Extension Plugin.


Here is few Screenshots to explain the basic of the Plugin functionalies:


Click Visualize Shortcodes button would convert all post Shortcodes into visual clickable elements:


Clicking on the Shortcode Visual element would display the form


Visual Shortcode form with all attributes set, when submitted it would change Shortcode attributes value without any manual editing